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Hi! I'm Anj. I'm currently a research fellow at the Applied AI Institute (A²I²) within Deakin University, and have worked on projects in the areas of intelligent transport systems, GPS tracking data analysis, smart-homes, and defense simulation. My Ph.D. project was about the design of spatio-temporal data processing pipelines.

I want to develop friendly, open source AI that can help organise the world and eliminate wasted resources.

Project Demos

Data De-identification Portal is a tool I created to improve data de-identification practices and reduce risk of participant re-identification. It encourages the researcher to precisely specify their analysis and de-identification methods upfront, and increases transparency by giving the data custodian fine-grained control over which analyses are run.

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Traffic Visualisation

The Intelligent Transport Systems Lab seeks to understand road traffic congestion and propose better ways to manage it. During one of my internships there, I designed a new visualisation approach called "Hub Map" that could better display the large number of traffic parameters collected about traffic network links than conventional graph visualisation approaches.

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I go by @anjsimmo on Twitter, GitHub, GitLab, StackOverflow, Kaggle, Wikipedia, Flickr, OpenStreetMap, LinkedIn, etc.